Truth Be Told: Why Electric Scooters Are Popular

It all started when you were but a kid, or perhaps when your parents were just kids. A kick scooter was the latest in thing, right? Kids couldn’t wait to scoot away to their heart’s content. At a young age, every kiddo probably already knows what freedom feels. And it feels great! 

Those who remember those days recall the two-wheeled devices with a sense of nostalgia. It doesn’t matter whether they’re pieced together in a garage or bought at a local department store. What’s more important is the fun kids get once they step on the kick scooter and the wheels start rolling.  

The coming years that followed showed iterations done, in stages, as metal improvements were added on the rideables, for better riding enjoyment.  

Fast forward to the year 2015. The kick scooters made a huge comeback, only now reinvented as electric scooters, and propositioned as an alternative to ease urban travelers’ unabated woes. 

Everywhere you turn, electric scooters can be seen, with teenagers, adults, professionals, ladies, even seniors riding one. Electric scooters have mushroomed in so many cities worldwide, and really found a habitat in places where the law has been quick to regulate their usage, with the people welcoming them, with open arms.

It’s not hard to comprehend why the world seems to have ‘fallen in love’ with the electric scooters and to see the reason why they have become so popular.

1. Perfect for short trips. It’s like savoring a hot ‘cuppa in sips.

Did you know that about 50-60 percent of all trips within the city are just less than five miles? And about 70 per cent of those short distance trips use a car. Electric scooters are ideal for short treks and can actually complement other modes of transport. In fact, it can be commonly seen that electric scooters are the perfect ‘first and last mile’ vehicle to go from door to door.

Going on an errand, an important meeting, or simply wanting to arrive on time for work — the electric scooter is readily available and accessible. These are some of the things that made the e-scooter a popular transportation option among commuters. No more hassle. No more frustrating waiting time at the bus stop for the public transport that’s often delayed arriving. No more stress, hunting for available over-crowded parking spaces. No more arriving very late at work, sweaty, smelly, with crumpled clothes. No more getting caught in snail-pace traffic jams. No more getting stranded because you missed the last bus. 

Electric scooters make it possible for a commuter to beat traffic by easily weaving around, zooming past people and other vehicles. At last, peak hour standstills can be a thing of the past.

2. Convenient, fast…compact, portable, foldable, and more.

While it’s true that an e-scooter may not ride as fast as a car on the open road, as city thoroughfares are plunged into heavy traffic most of the time, it more than compensates for abiding by the government’s road rules with endearing features that have made the e-scooter popular, so much so that commuters love ‘em – they are portable, compact, foldable and lightweight.

The Mearth S or S Pro commuter e-scooters are exactly that. They have been a great salvo for those whose workplaces are so far away. So much so that, in a jiffy, they’ve reached their destination, seemingly a mere stone’s throw away. No sweat. Do you suffer needlessly trying to catch the subway or bus? Well, suffer no more! These personal mobility devices are so practical. 

The Mearth S and S Pro are lightweight and can be easily folded, so you can carry your e-scooter with you wherever you go. Another excellent surprise is that after folding and taking it inside a building, this high quality e-scooter can be stowed underneath the table at work, or stored in a small corner at home.

Talk about safety, being able to take your electric scooter anywhere you go helps ease the problem and possibility of theft. Being able to store your e-scooter indoors or take it with you on the train for the last mile journey is a big reassurance.

3. Environment-friendly and good for one’s well being

As the climate change crisis gets ever more urgent, more and more people are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many cities across the globe are conscious of the climate change impending crisis, and as such are implementing zero emission zones. How does this affect us all? Well, the future is not so far ahead, considering lawmakers, authorities and other stakeholders are finding ways to help move commuters around quickly in overcrowded areas – without having to bear the toxic impact of fuel-powered vehicles. The electric scooter is safe, as it is environment-friendly, contributing zero emission on the atmosphere. 

What’s more, what an e scooter offers is precious, valuable freedom. You can find time to appreciate your surroundings, time to breathe in fresh air as you ride past grassy paths, time to get your dose of sunshine or natural vitamin D, time to smell the flowers…time to slowly improve your wellbeing and get in the groove, so to speak. 

4. A practical, low key, one-time investment

This is serious stuff. If you want to get what you pay for, invest smartly. Cheap come by the dozen, as many are playing the retail market. Those cheap electric scooters are proven to be unreliable. They are either clones, fake, unbranded and come with ill-fitting parts and poor quality batteries. They aren’t built to last. There is no guarantee, no warranty. Remember, once you’ve parted with your hard-earned money, it’s bye-bye time. 

Don’t be fooled. Put your money to a really good buy. Mearth builds powerful, high-quality, top-performing, reliable e-scooters and equally high-quality batteries, brakes, tires, and other parts to ensure customer satisfaction. It is also important to note that Mearth has a strong, well-trained, professional, and experienced customer support team, always ready to help the customers with their concerns, and problems. 

All those who bought Mearth e-scooters are provided with a product manual, safety riding guidelines, and e-scooter laws, including basic maintenance training to help them take good care of their electric scooter. What’s the trade off for being a wise, conscientious, diligent Mearth e-scooter owner? Of course, years of undisrupted riding that will be a pleasurable and enjoyable activity, every time.

Small wonder really why electric scooters are taking over the streets of the world’s major cities, including Australia. Riding a top-performing commuter electric scooter like the Mearth S Pro is a ‘feel good’ way of getting around, perfect for short trips within the city. Their lightweight, foldable frames make them far more portable than other wheeled transport, very useful too, for that last-mile journey. 

The same goes for the Mearth RS Series, acknowledged as the ultimate long-range e-scooters, we’re going further and going farther yields a natural high, unrestricted, especially when there’s a hot, hot-swappable battery to extends that journey. Meanwhile, Mearth GTS AND GTS MAX EVO 2024 edition are on-and-off-terrain, heavy-duty electric scooters that are also recognized as road champions – perfect for that craving excitement, the thrill of the great outdoors, riding uphill, downhill, trekking into less traveled paths and trails. Wow, just wow! Mearth can help you find your own preferred rideable for the action.

Going back to the so-called ‘bone of contention.’ Why are electric scooters, like Mearth, increasingly becoming popular and sought after? This is no brainer. Apart from making a fashion statement, they’re cost-effective, energy-efficient, convenient, fast, easy to maneuver and navigate, lightweight, compact, portable and foldable, easy to maintain, and are greener. From all angles, the electric scooter is a winner, in this instance Mearth, as it undoubtedly makes for a truly viable alternative means of transportation, and a potential solution to log-jammed streets and toxic air pollution.