Loblaws Hours 2024 – What time does Loblaws open

If you’re looking to visit Loblaws during its hours of operation, it’s important to be aware of what time does Loblaws close, What are Loblaws Opening, and Closing Hours are. There is no need to worry about Loblaws hours, as we have all the information you need below.

Loblaws is a Canadian supermarket chain with a wide variety of products, from food to clothing to home goods. It’s a popular choice for shoppers due to its low prices and convenient locations. Loblaws has been in business since the 1920s and today operates over 2,000 stores across Canada.

Loblaws’ products offer a wide variety of choices for the consumer. There are many different types of products available, from groceries to clothes to electronics.

The prices are generally affordable, and the quality of the products is good. Additionally, Loblaws frequently offers sales and discounts, which makes their products even more attractive to consumers.

Loblaws Hours Today – Saturday & Sunday Hours

In Short

What time does Loblaws open?

Loblaws opens at 07:00 am from Monday to Sunday.

What time does Loblaws close?

Loblaws closes at 10:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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Loblaws Hours Of Operation Today/Tomorrow

DaysOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday    07:00 am.10:00 pm.
Tuesday07:00 am.10:00 pm.
Wednesday07:00 am.10:00 pm.
Thursday07:00 am.10:00 pm.
Friday07:00 am.10:00 pm.

Loblaws Saturday Hours

  Saturday  07:00 am. to 10:00 pm.

Loblaws Sunday Hours

  Sunday  07:00 am. to 10:00 pm.

Loblaws Holiday Hours 2024

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your food, clothing, and home goods needs, during holidays, Loblaws is the place to go. They have a wide variety of products at affordable prices, so you can find what you need no matter what time of year it is.

Plus, they offer great deals during holiday seasons, so you can stock up on your favorite items without breaking the bank.

Loblaws, a Canadian grocery store chain, observes most major holidays. However, they are closed on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. This is due to the religious significance of those holidays for many people.

Loblaws Holiday Hours / Open
  Happy New Year  Open
Martin Luther King DayOpen
President DayOpen
Good FridayOpen
Easter MondayOpen
St. George’s DayOpen
Memorial DayOpen
Independence  DayOpen
Labor DayOpen
Columbus DayOpen
The day before ThanksgivingOpen
Black FridayOpen
Happy Christmas EveningOpen
Mother DayOpen
Happy New Year’s EveningOpen
Father’s DayOpen
Loblaws Holiday Hours / Closed
  Christmas Day  Closed
Easter SundayClosed
Thanksgiving DayClosed

Loblaws Christmas Eve Hours

Loblaw’s will be open from 7 am to 10 pm on Christmas Eve. This gives customers plenty of time to do their last-minute Christmas shopping. Loblaws is one of the only stores open late on Christmas Eve, so it is the perfect place to go if you need to pick up a few gifts or supplies.

Loblaws Before Thanksgiving Day Hours

This is an announcement from Loblaws that they will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. This gives customers plenty of time to do their grocery shopping before the holiday.

Loblaws Before Easter Sunday Hours

Loblaws operates on reduced hours before Easter Sunday. On Saturday, the store opens at 7 am and closes at 10 pm. On Sunday, the store opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm.

This change in hours likely reflects the fact that many shoppers take advantage of extended retail hours in the days leading up to Easter.

Loblaws Labor Day Hours

Loblaws is open for business from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Labor Day. This means that shoppers can visit the store during these hours to take advantage of Labor Day sales and discounts.

Loblaws New Year’s Day Hours

Loblaws will be open from 7 am to 10 pm on New Year’s Day. These are the same hours as they are usually open, so there is no change. Loblaws is a grocery store chain that is found all over Canada. They are usually open late on weekdays and close early on Sundays.

Loblaws Canada Day Hours

Loblaws Canada Day Hours will be open from 7 am to 10 pm on July 1st. This is the perfect opportunity to do some grocery shopping for your Canada Day party or to pick up some last-minute items. Loblaws will have extended hours so that you can get everything you need.

Loblaws Civic Holiday Hours

On the Loblaws Civic Holiday, the store will be open from 7 am to 10 pm. This is an opportunity for customers to stock up on food and other items before the holiday season. The store will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Loblaws Near Me

The Loblaws Near Me locator allows customers to find the nearest Loblaws store using their computer or mobile device.

The locator is a searchable map that displays the location of all of the Loblaws stores in your area. Customers can filter the results by store type, distance, and hours of operation.

Loblaws Hours

Loblaw Customer Service

Loblaws’ customer service is exemplary. The staff are knowledgeable and always willing to help, whether it be with finding the right product or resolving a complaint.

I have never had a negative experience at Loblaws, and I would highly recommend their stores to anyone looking for quality products and great customer service.

Customer Service Number: 1-800-296-2332

About Loblaws

Loblaws Companies Limited is a Canadian food retailer that operates a chain of grocery stores and supermarkets. The company was founded in 1919 by George Weston and his family.

Loblaws is the largest food retailer in Canada, with over 2,000 stores across the country. The company’s retail brands include Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Fortinos, FreshCo, and Zehrs.

FAQs – Loblaws Hours

Is Loblaws open today?

The grocery store chain Loblaws is open today, as usual. However, some stores may have different hours, so it’s always a good idea to check the store locator on the company website before heading out.

Is Loblaws open tomorrow?

Loblaws is open tomorrow, as they typically are every day. However, as always, please check with your local store to confirm the hours of operation.

What time does Loblaws open today?

Loblaws opens at 7:00 am every day. This gives customers a chance to get their shopping done before work, school, or other activities.

What time does Loblaws close today?

The grocery store Loblaws will close at 10:00 pm today. This time is printed on a sign at the store, and it likely corresponds to the closing time for other stores in the chain.

The time that a store closes can vary depending on the location, day of the week, and other factors.

What time does Loblaws open Saturday?

On Saturday, Loblaws opens at 7 pm. This is the time at which customers are able to enter the store and purchase items. The store remains open until midnight, giving shoppers plenty of time to find what they need.

Loblaws offers a variety of products, including food, clothing, and household items. Customers can also take advantage of the store’s pharmacy and gas station.

What time does Loblaws close on Saturday?

The answer to this question is 10:00 pm. Loblaws typically closes at this time on Saturdays in order to allow their employees time to rest and prepare for the following workweek. However, it is always best to check with your local store beforehand as hours may vary.

What time does Loblaws open on Sunday?

On Sundays, Loblaws opens at 7:00 am. This gives customers a chance to get their shopping done before the start of the day. There are usually a lot of people at the store on Sundays, so it’s best to get there early to avoid the crowds.

What time does Loblaws close on Sunday?

Loblaws typically close at 10 pm on Sundays. However, there have been occasions where they have closed later, so it is best to call ahead to confirm.

Is Loblaws open on Easter Sunday?

Loblaws is not open on Easter Sunday, but they are open before and after Easter Sunday.

Is Loblaws open on Thanksgiving Day?

Loblaws is open on Thanksgiving Day. However, they are open before and after Thanksgiving day as well. This means that you can go to Loblaws on Thanksgiving day, but you can also go there before and after the holiday.

Is Loblaws open on Labour Day?

It depends on the location. In some provinces, Labour Day is treated as a regular holiday, while in others it is treated as a statutory holiday. This means that stores may be open or closed, depending on the province.

Loblaws Companies Limited, the parent company of Loblaws Grocery Stores, has stores in both types of provinces. Some of its stores are open on Labour Day, while others are closed.

Is Loblaws open on Canada Day?

Loblaws is open on Canada Day. All stores are open during regular hours unless otherwise specified. Loblaws will be celebrating Canada Day by offering discounts on some of its products.

Is Loblaws open on New Year’s Day?

If you’re looking to do some grocery shopping on New Year’s Day, Loblaws is open and ready to serve you! The store is open from 9 am to 6 pm, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

There’s plenty of parking available, and the store offers a wide variety of products, so you’re sure to find everything you need. Be sure to check out the store’s weekly flyer for current sales and promotions.

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