Coles Hours 2024 – Open, Close & Holiday Hours

If you’re looking to visit Coles during its hours of operation, it’s important to be aware of what time does Coles close, What are Coles Opening, and Closing Hours are. There is no need to worry about Coles hours, as we have all the information you need below.

Coles Supermarket is a large, chain retailer that specializes in grocery items. It has numerous locations across the country and offers a variety of services, such as pharmacy, fuel, and banking. The supermarket chain is owned by Wesfarmers, an Australian company.

Coles Hours Today – Saturday & Sunday Hours

In Short

What time does Coles open?

Coles opens at 060:00 am from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday open at 07:00 am.

What time does Coles close?

Coles closes at 11:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

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Coles Hours Of Operation Today/Tomorrow

DaysOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday    06:00 am.11:00 pm.
Tuesday06:00 am.11:00 pm.
Wednesday06:00 am.11:00 pm.
Thursday06:00 am.11:00 pm.
Friday06:00 am.11:00 pm.

Coles Saturday Hours

  Saturday  07:00 am. to 11:00 pm.

Coles Sunday Hours

  Sunday  07:00 am. to 11:00 pm.

Coles Holiday Hours 2024

Coles is the best supermarket to go to if you want anything during the holidays. They have a wide variety of products, and they always have what you need. Coles is also very affordable, and they always have great deals.

Coles is open all holidays except for Christmas, Labour Day, Boxing Day, and Anzac Day. This is due to the fact that these are all major holidays in Australia and Coles wants its employees to be able to spend time with their families.

Coles Holiday Hours / Open
  Happy New Year  Open
Proclamation DayOpen
Adelaide CupOpen
Good FridayOpen
Easter SundayOpen
Easter MondayOpen
Western Australia DayOpen
Bank HolidayOpen
Ekka People’s DayOpen
Labor DayOpen
Melbourne Cup DayOpen
Thanksgiving DayOpen
The day before ThanksgivingOpen
Black FridayOpen
Happy Christmas EveningOpen
Mother DayOpen
Happy New Year’s EveningOpen
Father’s DayOpen
Alice Springs Show DayOpen
Ekka Wednesday Open
Australia DayOpen
Canberra DayOpen
Reconciliation DayOpen
Queen’s BirthdayOpen
Katherine Show DayOpen
Darwin Show DayOpen
Borroloola Show DayOpen
Burnie ShowOpen
Recreation DayOpen
Royal Hobart ShowOpen
Coles Holiday Hours / Closed
  Christmas Day  Closed
Anzac DayClosed
Boxing DayClosed

Coles Christmas Eve Hours

Coles Christmas Eve Hours are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. This means that the store is open for business during that time and customers are able to shop. The store closes at 10:00 pm sharp, so customers need to be aware of that.

Coles Thanksgiving Day Hours

On Thanksgiving Day, Coles will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and customers can buy anything from the Coles supermarket. This means that on Thanksgiving Day, shoppers can buy food, clothes, electronics, and anything else from the Coles supermarket.

The supermarket will be open for a full 12 hours on Thanksgiving Day, giving shoppers plenty of time to get everything they need for the holiday.

Coles Easter Day Hours

The opening hours at Coles on Easter Day are from 6 am to 10 pm. This means that customers can come to the store and purchase products from 6 am until 10 pm. The supermarket will be open for the full day so that people can get what they need for the holiday.

Coles Before Labour Day Hours

The Coles supermarket is open from 6 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday. However, it is closed on Labour Day. So, 3 and Monday, September 4, the Coles supermarket will be closed and you will not be able to buy any products from there.

Coles New Year’s Day Hours

Coles New Year’s Day hours are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. This means that customers can buy products from Coles supermarket during this time. The store will be open for business and customers can purchase items such as food, clothing, and other household supplies.

Coles Australia Day Hours

The Coles Australia Day Hours state that the store is open from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. This means that customers can buy products from the store during these hours. The store is closed on Christmas Day, so customers will not be able to buy products from Coles on that day.

Coles Ekka Wednesday Holiday Hours

The Coles Ekka Wednesday Holiday Hours state that the supermarket is open from 6 am to 10 pm. This means that customers can buy products from the store during these hours.

Note that these hours may be subject to change, so it is always best to check the store’s website or contact them directly for confirmation.

Coles Near Me

The Coles near me locator allows customers to search for the closest Coles supermarket using a map interface.

The locator is powered by Google Maps and provides both an address and a distance to the store. Customers can also filter their results by store type (supermarket, liquor store, or convenience store) and by whether the store is open or closed.

Coles Hours

Coles Customer Service

Coles Customer Service is an organization that helps customers with their shopping experiences. The employees are trained to help customers find what they need, answer any questions they may have, and bag their groceries. Coles Customer Service also offers special services such as home delivery and order pick-up.

Customer Service Number: 1800 061 562

About Coles

Coles is an Australian supermarket chain that operates in the eastern and southern parts of the country. The company was founded in 1914 by George Coles, and today employs more than 30,000 people.

Coles offers a wide range of products, including groceries, clothing, toys, and electronics. The chain has been criticized for its high prices and poor customer service, but it remains one of the largest supermarket operators in Australia.

FAQs – Coles Hours

Is Coles open today?

Yes, Coles supermarket is open today. The store is open from 6 am to 11 pm. They have a wide variety of products, including fresh produce, meat, and dairy products. They also have a pharmacy, bakery, and deli.

What time does Coles open today?

Coles opens at 6 am today. This is an early opening time for the store, and it will allow customers to have plenty of time to shop before work. The store usually opens at 7 am on weekdays, but it is opening at 6 am today to accommodate for the holiday.

What time does Coles close today?

Coles is set to close at 11 pm tonight according to the store’s website. This time is consistent with the closing time for Coles in past years. The late-night shopping hours for Coles may vary depending on the location, with some stores staying open as late as midnight or 1 am.

What time does Coles open Saturday?

The supermarket Coles opens at 7 a.m. on Saturday mornings. This is an approximate time, as the store may open slightly later or earlier, depending on the individual store.

What time does Coles close on Saturday?

On Saturdays, Coles closes at 11:00 PM. This is an hour later than the store usually closes on other days of the week. These extended hours are likely in response to the increased demand from shoppers who are looking to do their weekend grocery shopping.

What time does Coles open on Sunday?

On Sundays, Coles opens at 7 am. This gives shoppers a chance to get some early morning shopping in before the rest of the day’s activities begin. The store is open until midnight, so there is plenty of time to get all of your shopping done.

What time does Coles close on Sunday?

The store Coles closes at 11 PM on Sundays. This is according to the store’s website, which states the hours of operation for each day. Sunday is the last day of the week that the store is open, and it closes at 9 PM. This time is consistent across all of the stores in Australia, as it is mandated by the company.

Is Coles open on Easter Sunday?

Yes, Coles is open on Easter Sunday, but the hours may vary depending on the location. In most cases, Coles is open from 8am to 10pm on Easter Sunday. However, some locations may have different hours, so it’s best to check with your local store beforehand.

Is Coles open on Thanksgiving Day?

Coles is open on Thanksgiving day. The store is open from 06:00 am to 11 pm. Coles offers a variety of food items and products for shoppers to purchase. The store is usually busy on Thanksgiving, so be sure to arrive early to get the best deals.

Is Coles open on Labour Day?

Coles is not open on Labour Day because it is a statutory holiday. Most businesses and organizations are closed on statutory holidays, so employees can have time to relax and commemorate the day. Coles is probably one of the many businesses that follow the provincial regulation for Labour Day.

Is Coles open on Anzac Day?

The Coles supermarket chain does not operate on Anzac Day, a national holiday in Australia that commemorates the military service of Australian and New Zealand soldiers. Many other businesses and organizations also close down on Anzac Day, which falls on April 25th each year.

This holiday is observed in both countries, with ceremonies and memorial events held to honor the sacrifices made by servicemen and women.

Is Coles open on New Year’s Day?

Yes, Coles is open on New Year’s Day. The store is open from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm on the holiday. Coles offers a variety of products, including groceries, health and beauty items, and household supplies. Customers can find some great deals at Coles on New Year’s Day, so be sure to stop by and shop!

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